Typeface: Joc
Commissioner: La Panera Art Center
Styles: 1 Style
Deliverables: .otf, .ttf, .woff, .woff2
Coverage: Basic Latin

Joc typeface was created to accompany Sara San Gregorio’s exhibition: Juguetoría a l’altura del joc curated by Helena Ayuso Moli y Anna Roigé Barrull. The exhibition playground encourages children from age 5 to 9 to create their own toys by combining together different shapes. The children will be building their own creative playground and the are no restrictions regarding the way the wooden shapes can be combined. Inspired by Sara’s unique shapes the letters are playful and decorative and in addition to the letter- shapes the typeface includes a set of decorative shapes that matches Sara’s game.

The name of the typeface itself is a link between the same matching word in Catalan and Rumanian – Joc = Game. A description of the personality of the typeface and the place where its’ design was born and my own native roots.

For the design of the purely typographic images I relied on the contribution of Sandra Costa – founder of Brava. It is always more exciting when a designer plays with the typeface and uses it in different contexts.

Joc can be found and purchased on Future Fonts.