Sabina Chipară – Type & Graphic Designer 

Curious about letter shapes, I started on a discovery journey in Bucharest, then went through Barcelona and London, before landing in Amsterdam; currently, I am part of AcuteStudio.

While in London, with Monotype, I designed Rosella, a contemporary decorative typeface and DIN Next Stencil

Previously, in Barcelona, I worked with award winning packaging design studio SeriesNemo as an inhouse type designer; among the typefaces I designed are: Aura – awarded with Gold at Anuaria Spanish design Awards 2016, Barcelo New & DisplayEritage, Circle, Elia and 3DNeon.

Recently, together with Diana Ovezea, we finished Bega, a spurless sans serif available on Fontstore.

 Beyond my type design practice,
I write articles for specialized online media and present my work as speaker and exhibitor in type design events and conferences. 

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