Mahala, Mawala and Za'atar are linked identities sharing the same playful design idea, a suggestion of a fun eating experience. Mahala was the first logotype designed inspired by the colourful streets of Lebanon.

The initial brief for Mahala was simple and direct to suggest happiness and playfulness "it has to be happy and full of life". And that was what I aimed to do by playing with the colours and the letters design. 

Once the concept was defined and due to the way the letters were constructed it was easy to transform Mahala into Malawa a request that came after due to copyright restrictions. The naming change was initially supposed to be Malawach but it seamed too long and less easy to remember.

You can find the delicious Malawa wraps at the Reffen Food Market in Copenhagen.

Za'atar is the "spicy friend" of Malawa and you can find it in Aarhus Street Food – Denmark. The design of the food container was made by visual artist Jamie Linley.
Mobirise © Copyright Sabina Chipară

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