The MASAMI project is a collaboration with Mas Peters, owner and creative director at a branding & packaging design agency from Amsterdam.

Mas briefed me for the creation of the logotype and the typographic research for a corporative typeface that would match the identity. 

MASAMI is a hight class fusion cuisine, an oasis of peace in the middle of the hectic business district of Hoofddorp. Masami offers a relaxed environment for both lunch and dinner. The interior - designed by international interior architect Eric Kuster - connects the dishes and the people. We wanted the identity to reflect the premium image of the restaurant and we aimed to find the perfect balance between minimal elements and luxurious decoration.

The logotype typographic approach is elegant and minimal at the same time while the golden circle elevates the simplicity. 

The written communication for MASAMI is a combination between Decima Mono designed by TipografiaRamis and Arboria designer by Type-Ø-Tones. The logotype is an interpretation of the design principles at the core of Decima Mono's characters.

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