"Created by Romanian artist Alex Baciu, as part of the “Act for Waters” eco-platform, developed by Act for Tomorrow Association and Kaufland Romania, with the support of the Municipality of Constanta and the Ministry of Environment, Water and Forests, the painting transforms the grey wall surrounding the beach into a work of art, unique worldwide, which has the ability to filter air like a forest of 88 mature trees. It also removes 112 kg of nitrogen oxides in a year, absorbs 95 kg of CO2 and neutralises the equivalent of 428 Euro6 car emissions.

The painting is a manifesto against water pollution around the world, and the artist’s message to people is to look at nature through its eyes, to become its ally and keep it clean and “healthy”. Although pollution is not always visible to the human eye, it still affects nature tremendously, and this painting with a human at its center is a way of making this reality more visible and bringing it to the surface. Humans are the main generator of pollution, and our actions have devastating consequences for nature and marine life.

The main element of the painting, realised in only 30 days by the artist Alex Baciu, with the support of the visual artist Ciprian Tauciuc, is the portrait of a man, holding a pair of binoculars that reflects and brings to the surface the waste in the water, which even if not always visible, affects the marine environment.

Another unique element of the painting is the calligraphy of the word Constanța, specially made by Sabina Kipară, a Romanian artist specialised in typographic design, and on the opposite side there this a huge projection screen, measuring 120 square meters, on which a wide range of movies dedicated to the people of Constanta and tourists will be projected. Through the impressive size of the mural we aim to bring into the collective consciousness the importance of protecting nature, for us and for future generations. The painting was made possible with the support of Felbermayr and Reyna."

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