For my final project whilst studying my MA degree in Bucharest I chose to investigate archaic letter shapes and create an alphabet inspired by them. After researching and digitalizing the letter form I begin to give shape to MoRo – Modern Romanian. The result was a display geometric typeface, with two weights. Since my source of inspiration was local and authentic I wanted to give the typeface an urban application.

The type could interact with the city of Bucharest by humorously describing bits of its personality. I chose verses from Romanian poets that could eider be written directly on the stairs of a public park or as urban piece of art, a cube, that could be placed on the streets of the city centre.

  • The Archaic Romanian alphabet was created with the transition from the Cyrillic alphabet to the Latin one. These typefaces were mainly used from the end of the nineteenth century until the second half of the twentieth century, as headline letters. Archaic Romanian letters were simultaneously trying to make a reference to historical Romanian background, and at the same time keep a contemporary look, or at least the influence of artistic contemporary styles. In general Romanian archaic types contained only the uppercase letters.

  • Urban proposal, in Carol Park, Bucharest City.

  • Wood laser cut cube with lyrics from a native contemporary poet, Florin Bican.